We all know that Guarda Wallet is a multicurrency non-custodial light wallet, but what exactly makes it the best?

First of all, what is a non-custodial crypto service?

This means that we do not collect or store any information about you or your wallet, and therefore all your data and your funds are only under your control. You can read more about it in this article.

To start using our wallet, you don't need to create an account, as Guarda has no accounts, and all your wallet information is stored only on your device, not on our servers. Your backup is encrypted with AES and only you have access to it.

Guarda is designed as an interface to give our clients an opportunity to manage all of their assets in one place and securely interact with the blockchains of featured coins and tokens. We support 45+ different blockchains, including the most popular coins and tokens: BTC, BCH, ETH (and all the ERC-20 tokens), ETC, BNB (with BEP-2 tokens) LTC, EOS, NEO, DASH, TRX (including TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens), DOGE, ONE, and more. In Guarda, your funds are under your full control. 

Manage all your funds in one wallet:
— Send and receive without any additional fees
Exchange currencies in 10 minutes using the built-in exchanger
Buy some new assets using not only USD but the fiat currency convenient for you
Borrow stablecoins without any time limits
— Get rewards for staking more than 12 assets
— Check your current transaction history, balance, and rate

— Create an unlimited number of wallets and use them on a plat

Import and export your private keys to and from other services

And that's not all! We're constantly working on our product and adding new features!

Create your Guarda wallet quickly and easily with this instruction.

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