Guarda offers a wide range of single-currency mobile apps for our Android-using customers. They are open-source and available for download from GitHub.

Open your preferred browser on your mobile device and go to Scroll down until you see the full list of currently available types of wallets. 

You can also find this list directly on our website:

Pick the currency that interests you, and click on the link. You will be taken to the page that hosts the file you need. Select Download, and the apk will begin to download to your phone or tablet.

After it’s finished downloading, open the apk file by clicking on the notification that states the file has been downloaded, or find it in your default Downloads folder. You will be prompted to accept Guarda’s installation conditions, and to begin installing. 

You can open the app as soon as this process is over, and create a new wallet by pressing the Create Wallet button.

If you already have a wallet in this currency on Guarda Web/Desktop, or a different wallet service, you can import it here via Restore. To do that, enter your private key, mnemonic, WIF or XPRV, or scan the QR code.

With that, the installation process is complete. Enjoy Guarda on the go!