The new multicurrency application already has a lot of features that will help you manage your funds with comfort. Well, that’s only a start! We have many more features coming in future updates.

By the way, we’ve made a list for you to easily navigate and learn about available and upcoming options.

Current features

1. Secure:


2. Easy to use

Features in development

  • Touch ID - You need to spend less time to unlock your wallet? OK! But will it be less secure? Under no circumstances. Use your fingerprint to protect your funds.
  • Pin code - You are not sure your wallet is secure enough? Set a pin code if you need to flip through applications or leave your device. You can also easily turn it off.

  • Purchase crypto via bank card - We are sure that an opportunity to buy cryptos via bank card right from your wallet is as important as having a built-in exchange. 

  • Share your wallet address via social media - Tired of copy-pasting? We totally understand you! That’s why we want to add an option to send your wallet address directly via social media.

  • More languages - English may be the go-to lingua franca, but it is always more convenient to use an application in your native language. You will be able to switch language any time.

  • And a lot more! Stay tuned!