That depends!

1. If you wish to transfer your entire Guarda wallet from one platform to another, such as move your Web wallet to Desktop, you can save your backup file and then import it again on a different platform.

Your backup file can be found under Backup and Keys > Guarda Backup.

Copy the text manually or select Download (recommended, as it will automatically save the string of code into a handy text file).

There are detailed instructions available on how to import your backup to different Guarda versions:


Guarda Wallet/iOS multiwallet

2. If you wish to export your entire Guarda wallet with all of its currencies to a different service, that will not be possible. Guarda’s backups are unique to our service; a third party will not be able to decode them.

3. If you wish to export a single currency, you can do that by saving its private key (or mnemonic).

Private keys are found under Backup and Keys > Export by Currency.

Pick the currency you need and choose Show private keys. You will be prompted to enter your password.

Please ensure that your private keys, if you choose to export them, are stored in a highly secure location. If anybody gets access to your private keys, your funds’ security will be compromised.

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