There are many ways to work with your existing assets on Guarda.

When you log in, this is the page you see:

History and Receive are tabs which allow you to check up your transaction history and current balance respectively.

For certain currencies such as KMD, the Receive tab also allows you to take part in staking funds or claiming rewards from the stake.

From Send, you can move your assets between your own wallets, or send them to somebody else. Please note that this is only for creating transactions which send one currency, such as BTC, from one BTC wallet to another.

If you wish to convert one of your assets into a different currency, such as swap BTC to ETH, refer to the Exchange tab. Guarda selects the best rates for you among several instant swap services we are partnered with. (Please note that some pairs may not be available for exchange, either temporarily due to maintenance or because they are not listed on our partners’ platforms.)

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