There are multiple ways to reach out to us. First of all, you can create a new ticket directly through Freshdesk by clicking New Support Ticket above this article or by following this link:
Alternatively, you can write an email to

This is a short guide on what you can include in your initial message to ensure your request is processed as quickly as possible.

1. Most importantly, we need to know the platform your issue occurred on (for example, Guarda Desktop). 
When creating a new ticket through Freshdesk, you can set the platform yourself.
If you’re writing an email, please specify the platform within the letter.
2. We will most likely need to know your device’s parameters.

  • Your operating system, the browser you were using (for Guarda Web), whether you run antivirus software and/or use VPN.

  • If you’re on mobile, in addition to your Android/iOS version, please specify the model of your phone and the version of the app.
    * If you’re facing an issue with Guarda Mobile Wallet, we highly recommend updating the app first and foremost to make sure it hasn’t been fixed already in the latest version.

3. If your issue is with an exchange that was not completed, please provide the deposit hash so we can find the exchange and identify what happened with it.

Note: when providing information such as transaction hashes or wallet addresses, please paste them into the body of the letter rather than attach a screenshot, if possible.

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