Starting with version 6, the stability and reliability of Android has been significantly improved. 

Therefore, with the release of 1.15.x, Guarda mobile app will no longer support older versions.

If you have already installed the Guarda mobile app and use the Android version below 6, select one of the options to continue using Guarda:

  • Update your Android
    • Go to “Backup and restore”, save the backup to a third-party device.
    • Update your Android version to 6 or higher.
    • Reinstall the Guarda wallet app if necessary.

  • Migrate to the Guarda Wallet web platform
    • Go to “Backup and restore”, save the  backup.
    • Upload backup to the web version of the wallet on

We also have a mobile Web version

In conclusion, if you want to use Guarda when your Android version below 6 - you can use the Web platform ( or mobile web or upgrade Android to a newer version.

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