What is CRUX ID?

CRUX is a service that allows you to link your addresses to one human-readable identifier. Creation is completely free!

How to create CRUX ID

  1. Сlick 'Create'
  2. Choose a name for your account and enter it
  3. Link addresses
  4. Wait for registration to complete. It may take up to two hours before your address is registered. 
  5. Congratulations! You are now the owner of a human-readable identifier that looks like 'your_identifier'@guarda.crux.

Important information

  • You can have only one wallet of a specific blockchain linked to your identifier. However, you can change the address at any time.
  • Your ID is stored in your backup file. If you lose your backup, you lose access to your CRUX ID. As a light wallet, Guarda does not store your personal data, which means that we cannot help you restore access to your funds and identifier.

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