The FIO protocol is designed to simplify crypto transfers, making it easy for everyone. This is a decentralized integrated into wallets and exchanges service that allows you to get your own readable identifier for most of your assets, the FIO themselves called it an e-mail for your cryptocurrencies.

What is FIO address? 

The FIO address is a human readable identifier to which you can link your crypto wallets to Guarda and use it to send and receive transactions. This address has a username and domain that you can choose yourself.

What i need to know about FIO addresses?

  • Creating an address is paid
  • The address is given to you for a year, after which you need to pay the address annually
  • You can have only one wallet of a specific blockchain linked to your FIO address. However, you can change the address at any time.
  • After creating your FIO address, you can make about 100 transactions without fee! After this package ends, you can pay for the address again or pay for each transaction

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