Guarda Chrome extension allows you to manage your wallets in any tab of your browser. It is easy to use and secure, like all Guarda applications.  

How to manage your wallets with the extension

First you need to download the extension. Then, if you are already using our web wallet and the backup is saved in the browser cache (if you did not clear it), you just need to enter the password.

In Guarda Chrome extension, you can check the transaction history, see the balance and address of your wallet, exchange crypto, manage your wallets and log out.

How to create a new wallet in Guarda Сhrome extension

It is very simple. Open the extension, click "Create a new wallet", enter the password and click "I written it down." After creating the wallets, you can choose the default wallet and manage your keys and backup. You can also import a backup file to other Guarda platforms to synchronize your devices.

How to restore your wallet using backup

If you already have a backup, open Guarda extension, click "Restore or import", upload the backup file or enter the code manualy, enter the password and click "Restore"

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