After long and hard work we are ready to show you the new version of Guarda mobile wallet. New design and new features are waiting for you!

What's new?

> Now all the tabs are at the bottom of the screen

  • In the "Wallets" tab you can see a list of your wallets and tokens
  • In the "History" tab you can check incoming, outgoing transactions, exchanges, purchases and deposits for staking. You can also filter the history
  • Using the "exchanges" tab you can exchange your funds, the exchange rate will be specified for each available pair
  • In the "Buy" tab you will find crypto purchases
  • The last tab contains all the wallet settings. Settings redesigned from scratch. Added live chat, telegram community and more

> New local currencies added

> Each wallet has its own history tab

> Now the rate is displayed under the ticker of each currency

> You can see the latest update date of the balance and transactions

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