The validators of Harmony’s consensus are elected based on Proof-of-Stake. You can receive passive income by delegating your funds to the validator and receive a reward for voting.

How to stake Harmony

The minimum deposit amount is 1000 ONE.

Open your Harmony wallet, click on "staking", then "Deposit for staking". Select the validator. Each validator has its own expected income and fee. Choose the amount of ONE that you would like to stake. Then click “Next” and confirm.

How to claim a reward

You will begin to receive rewards almost instantly and you could claim it right after you get it. Don’t try to claim a reward that’s less than the network commission - it will be eaten up by fees!

You need to claim the reward manually using the "Claim" button.

Open your Harmony wallet, click on "Staking", find the "Reward" line and click "Claim".

How to withdraw a deposit

Before withdrawing a deposit, please note that it will be frozen until the end of the current epoch. The epoch lasts about a day and a half. After that, your deposit will be unfrozen. 

The "Unbounding" line shows the amount you withdrew.

The line "Unbounding date" indicates when the deposit will be unfrozen.

To withdraw your deposit, open your Harmony wallet, click "Staking", then "Unstake".


The network commission will be deducted from the balance of your wallet. Make sure you have enough funds on your balance to cover the fee.

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