You can import a wallet that was created with a different service to Guarda at any time to avoid the hassle of transferring funds between wallets.

1. If you haven’t made a Guarda wallet yet, go to Restore or Import.

Then choose Import by Currency.

Find the currency you want to import, then enter the private key to your existing wallet.

You can import multiple wallets at the same time.

Once you’ve gone through this process for every wallet you wish to import, click Import.

You will be prompted to choose a password for your new Guarda wallet.

Then save your backup.

When the creation process is complete, your Guarda wallet will only contain the currencies you imported.

2. If you already have a Guarda wallet, go into the Add new wallet tab under the general list of your wallets.

Select Import.

Find the currency you want to import, then enter the corresponding private key. The imported wallet will be added to your list of currencies.

At the end of the day, your Guarda backup file is still by far the most secure way of storing your private keys. Its encryption protects your keys against theft, as simply obtaining the backup without its password will not give anybody access to your funds. It’s also more convenient for you, since you will not need to keep track of individual keys. You can read more about how Guarda backups work here.

*We encrypt all your data with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

Watch our video tutorial